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Declaration of claims

  • Preparation of a tailor made claim declaration form
  • Claim file opened upon reception of declaration
  • Verification that covers are adequate for the situation
  • Choosing and instructing surveyors and inspection companies in partnership with our clients.


Reserving your Rights

  • Adequate reservation of rights to safeguard future recovery actions
  • Preparation of claim file together with the Client
  • Managing surveyors and arranging meetings with surveyors to preserve your interests
  • Assistance in the declaration of claims


Follow up and payment of claims

  • Presentation of claim in partnership with you
  • Fast decision making due to the broad authority already in place with underwriters
  • Setting up simplified claims procedures for frequent and recurrent claims.


Recovery Actions

  • Obtaining extension of time bars with relevant parties
  • Choosing the most appropriate lawyers in discussions with you
  • Guiding the process for a smooth resolution
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements