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• Hull and Machinery 
Physical loss or damage cover for all types of vessels.


• Disbursements (Increased Value) or Freight Interest Insurance
An ‘amount’ insured in excess of the vessel’s sum insured to cover additional costs and expenses (including lost freight earnings) associated with the total loss of a ship.


• Mortgagees Interest Insurance
Cover to protect the financial interest of a Mortgagee in the event of a loss which is irrecoverable from the vessel’s Hull and Machinery Insurance.


• Protection and Indemnity
Third party liability cover for all types of vessels.


• Freight, Demurrage and Defence
To cover the legal costs incurred by shipowners.


• Hull and Machinery- War & Strikes Risks
Cover against War, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotions etc.


• Loss of Hire
To protect a ship owner for potential loss of earnings of a vessel (either freight or charter hire) resulting from a casualty.


• Port Authorities and Terminal Operators
To protect a third party and physical loss and damage risks encountered by authorities overseeing a port or terminal operation.


• Yachts and Pleasure Craft
Hull and Machinery, and third party liability cover for yachts and pleasure craft Owned or Chartered.


• Charterer’s Piracy Trade Disruption / Marine Kidnap and Ransom