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• Cargo
Cover against loss of or physical damage to all types of Cargo, whether by sea, land or air, including War & Strikes Risks.


• Stock Throughputs
Extended Cargo and Logistics insurance incorporating long term storage, processing and/or distribution centre risks.


• FOG - Full Outturn Guarantee
Extended Cargo covers for the bulk trades providing protection for “paper losses”.


• Project Cargoes and Delay in Start-Up
Consequential Loss covers for construction or other infrastructure projects.


• Rejection
Cover against the refusal of inspection authorities to allow the import of specific insured goods.


• Container Operating and Leasing Risks

Comprehensive insurance for Container Leasing and Operating companies including Physical Damage on Owned or Leased Equipment, Lessor Default, Repatriation & Recovery, Loss of Revenue and Third Party Liabilities.


• Trade Disruption and Consequential Loss
Contingency insurances tailor made to address specific financial exposure relating to a marine risk.


• Credit, Financial & Political Risks
Protection against Open Account and Letter of Credit exposure as well as Political and Political Violence or Terrorism risks in relation to the Maritime Industries.


• Trade Finance
Comprehensive cargo insurance programmes for trade financing transactions which can include covers for extended, non-incidental pre- and post-shipment storage, war on land, and confiscation.


• Charterer’s Liability Insurance
Third party liability cover for claims incurred under the Charterparty.


• Freight, Demurrage and Defence
To cover the legal costs incurred by Charterers due to CP disputes